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Which Laptop Locker Is Right For You?

As technology is advancing, laptops, media devices and tablets are now a staple of everyday life. Especially in education, business and the workplace. It is common for laptops to be used in lessons or university lectures for learning or writing up essays.  Staff also rely on the use of laptops in offices, reception areas, hospitals or libraries. Quite often employees or pupils like to bring their own laptops to use during the day and need a safe place to store them.

If you are looking into buying a laptop locker or laptop storage for your premises, then there are many things for you to consider. How many laptops do you need to store? Do you need a storage only locker or a powered one to charge your devices? Do you need the locker to be static or mobile so devices can be transported around easily?

Deciding on the right locker is no easy task. Here at 3D Lockers, we have an extensive collection of laptop storage lockers designed to suit any application. We work with the UK’s leading locker manufacturers to bring you the highest quality range.

Where Are Laptop Lockers Used?

School Laptop Lockers – Pupils and teachers use laptops for learning, research, writing essays and power point presentations. Lessons these days are more interactive and so media devices play a vital part in everyday school life. Having a large number of laptops in school means they need a secure place to lock them away when not in use or overnight.

Universities – Like schools, university students are guaranteed to have a laptop to use for studies. Or a laptop may be provided by the University to loan for lessons. A laptop locker with charging points can be used or a mobile trolley to move devices between classrooms. Laptop lockers are also used in student accommodation, so they have a secure place to leave a valuable laptop and reduce the risk of it being stolen from their room.

Offices - A laptop locker for the workplace is essential. Having a safe place to lock expensive electronics away overnight helps to avoid any accidental damage or even theft. Quite often offices use a hotdesking method. Keeping a laptop locker in the office means each member of staff can have a locker compartment for their device, even if they move from desk to desk.

Health Clubs – Some gym members may want to catch up on emails in the gym café before or after a session. Providing a laptop locker will give peace of mind so they can leave their laptop locked securely and even have it readily charged to go straight to work after.

How Many Compartments Do I Need?

You will need to decide how many laptops you are wanting to store and therefore the amount of locking compartments you will need. How many members of staff do you have? Or how many pupils will need a locker? Most lockers come with the option of having a single access door with 8, 10 or 15 compartments. Or you can have individual access to multiple compartments with a lock on each door. 

What Size Of Laptop Can I Store In A Locker?

The maximum device dimensions are 370mm wide x 420mm long. It is always a good idea to measure your laptop to make sure it will fit before placing an order. You will also need to consider your charging plug or cable when establishing if your device will fit in charging units. Our laptop locker range has been designed to fit most regular sized laptops with storage only lockers 380W x 460D and charging lockers 380W x 525D. But if you have a device that is an obscure size, it is always best to check.

Storage Only Laptop Lockers

Here at 3D Lockers we can offer all kinds of laptop locker styles. If you need a secure locker just to store electronic devices safely, then a storage only laptop locker would suit you. Choose from a range of different door configurations. All our laptop lockers come with either 8, 10 or 15 compartments. You can have a single door locker with multiple compartments or individual access doors. A popular choice is the Probe Laptop Storage Locker 10 Doors. This locker has a robust and sturdy steel construction and the doors are secured by a solid sturdy hinge. Laptop storage lockers can be freestanding, but you can fix back to a wall if you wish by drilling through the back and fixing onto a wooden batten.

Charging Laptop Lockers

The next level up from a storage only laptop lockers is to have a powered locker. These purpose-designed charging lockers provide a safe sanctuary for laptops which also need to be plugged in and charged ready for the next user or ready to go after a break. All charging units are tested and passed to BS 6396:2008. They are also CE marked meaning they meet applicable European Directives. All you need to do is simply place the unit in a convenient location, plug the unit into the mains using the kettle style lead and the lockers are ready to use. Each compartment is fitted with a UK three-pin plug socket, certain lockers offer a three- pin plug and USB connection.

Charging lockers are designed to operate at 230/250 volts AC and the unit load maximum is 13 amps. It is not advisable to plug other appliances into any of the sockets or adaptor plugs into adaptor plugs. A rear ventilated panel comes as standard to aid heat build-up.

Mobile Laptop Trollies

If you are considering laptop storage but would prefer to be able to move devices around a building or from room to room, then a laptop trolley would be an ideal solution. Our best-selling mobile locker is the Charging Laptop Trolley. Devices can be securely stored with capability of moving around. The trolley is fitted with high quality braked castors for smooth mobility. Each compartment is equipped with a 3-pin plug socket to charge a laptop using its own mains lead. The whole unit is supplied by a kettle lead which is plugged into the mains. Choose from a 16 tier/2 door option, an 8 tier/2 door option or a 16 tier/4 door option. The latter two are narrow aisle trolleys at just 525mm wide. Laptop trolleys would be specially suited to schools, colleges, universities, libraries or offices.

Most Popular Brands

As we deal with the UK’s leading locker manufacturers, here are the most popular brands we offer:

Probe - Probe offer our most popular range of laptop storage and charging lockers. Known for their clean cut, modern appearance, Probe lockers offer an 8 door, 10 door or 15 door option or the same number of compartments with a single door. Choose from a blue, red, orange or white door which comes with a white frame as standard. All lockers come with ActiveCoat anti-bacterial powder coating.

Link - Link offer a range of quality manufactured laptop charging units. Their ‘In-Charge’ range comprises of a single door/ten shelf locker, ten door locker, single door/fifteen shelf locker, fifteen door locker or a half height 5 door locker. They offer a wider choice of door colours including red, yellow, green, grey and blue and locking options.

QMP – Their range of device storage products offer cost effective storage for laptops. This is the only manufacturer to offer a three-quarter height 12 door locker or 12 shelf/1door locker which is 1460mm high. They also have a half height 8 door locker or 8 tier/1 door and a 10-door locker and 15-door locker. Germ Guard Active Technology paint comes as standard with a range of colours including red, green, light grey, light blue, dark blue and yellow.

How Quickly Can I Get A Laptop Locker?

Most of our laptop lockers are manufactured to order specially for your requirements. The lead times vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. However, you may need a locker a little speedier than this. You may have a last-minute event where laptop storage is required, a conference or you have forgotten to order lockers for a new building. You might want to consider the Quick Delivery Ten Door Laptop Locker by Link which is kept in stock and can be delivered in just 3 working days. This In Charge locker offers a safe sanctuary for devices and comes with blue doors and standard camlocks with 2 keys.

Anti Bacterial Protection

All our laptop locker range comes guaranteed with an anti-bacterial hard-wearing powder coating. Different manufacturers have different names for their powder coating so it could be either ActiveCoat, BioCote or GermGuard. The coating impedes the growth and migration of potentially harmful bacteria, mould, fungi or algae. The risk of cross-contamination from surface to surface is reduced. Anti-bacterial protection agents are uniformly distributed throughout the coating therefore anti-microbial efficacy will continue for the life of the coating. Laptop lockers are suited to any environments where healthcare is stringent such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries or education.

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